Half Day Tours

PACKAGE #1. Half Day tour

Barong & Ubud Village Tour

Barong & Ubud Village Tour Bali
Barong and Keris dance is one of dance who tell between goodness and wickedness. Barong is mythology creatures which have goodness, and Rangda is wickedness. It will Perform in Batubulan village. This place has been famous in Indonesia and all over the world which has been built based on an artistic blessing dance of Barong (Barong and Keris dance).Then we continue to Ubud. Ubud Village is a traditional village supervising 13 Banjar (group of community) and 6 custom countryside. It is located in Ubud sub district, Gianyar Regency and about 20 km from Denpasar Town. Ubud Vilage can be reached within 30 minutes or 15 minutes from Gianyar Town and this place is situated in the high land about 300 meter above sea level. Ubud is surrounded by the good temperature compare with other regions in Bali where the temperatures are relative cool that is ideally for everyone to stay in this beautiful place. This village is occupied 9.800 peoples which most of them are Hindu. They able to keep the environment naturally so that way this place usually used by many tourist/people/actors to get the art inspiration.

Start Time: 08:30 am        Return time : 01.00 pm
Price :  US $ 30 per car
Included in the tour: Car, Driver and Petrol
Not included in the tour: Entrance fee
1. Batubulan village to see Barong & Keris dance                             Book now
2. Celuk, house of silver maker. 
3. Mas village  to see the traditional Balinese wood carving.
4. Ubud, a village where you can see monkey forest and the art traditional market in Bali.

PACKAGE #2. Half Day tour

TANAH LOT - Sunset Tour
Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is an exciting tour to visit the temple on the rock with breathtaking view of sunset view as a backdrop. The tour will explore the famous tourist destinations in Bali of Tanah Lot Temple that is located above a big stone in coastal periphery. The tour also visits other places of interest in Tabanan regency or west part of Bali .
Meeting Point: Hotel
Included in the tour: Car, Driver and Petrol                    
Not included in the tour: Entrance fee

Start Time: 03:00 pm                     Return time : 07.30 pm
Price :US $ 50 per car

1. Taman Ayun, the royal temple of Mengwi Empire located in Mengwi, Badung regency
2. Alas Kedaton, with temple and a hundreds of monkeys.
3. Tanah Lot,  to see the beautiful Sunset with temple silhouette.                   Book now   

PACKAGE #3. Half Day tour

This tour will offer you the beauty of nature in the middle part of Bali island. We will escort to see one of the most spectacular rice field terraces is Tegallalang area, just about 15 minutes drive outside Ubud. Surrounding gorge full of rice fields became an attraction in itself. 
Then we go to the north to see the traditional coffee processing or bali agrotourism, a place to see various tropical plantation such as robusta, snake skin (salak), cacao, jackfruit, durian trees, and many more. Experience to see how to make coffee in traditional way and taste the fresh of coffee or the ginger tea with green view  of river valley. They also make a expensive coffee well known as "coffee luwak". This cofee is process from the beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, not-really-digested, then pooped out, collected up, cleaned, roasted and ground for our drinking pleasure. Lastly we continue to Gowa Gajah, This Cave  is a significant Hindu archaeological site. Goa Gajah is locally known as the Elephant Cave because of its close proximity to the Elephant River. A mysterious cave, relics, and ancient bathing pools set amid green rice paddies and a garden lure tourists from nearby Ubud

Included in the tour : car, driver, and petrol 
not included : entrance fee

start time : 09.00                        return time : 15:00

Price : us$ 40 per car

 ITINERARY :                                                                     
1. Andong, a village with the handicraft art shop 
2. Tegallalang, the magnificent rice terrace 
3. Tirta empul, a temple with the bathing place for royal family
4. kayuamba,  Traditional coffee plantation and agricultural
5. Gunung Kawi, rocky cemetery for the royal family
6. Goa Gajah, the unity of Hindu and Buddhism temple

                                     Book now


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